Irish Dance

Irish Dance Class

~ For Fun, Fitness, and Performance ~



A Mat-Su Central, IDEA & Raven Educational Vendor *
* Licensed in AK and Insured by State Farm *

Now accepting new registrations for the following Winter 2017 classes. Classes begin Friday, 1 Dec at the Lone Wolf Aura Yoga + Golf Studio in the Wasilla IHOP plaza (next to the Alaska Club and across the Parks Hwy from Sportsman’s Warehouse) Email or call Colleen for details/registration information: or 907.306.9199:

  • NEW TEENY TOES CLASS (ages 4-7) 30-min Teeny Toes class ~ Friday 4:30-5:00pm. $15 per class. Teeny Toes is perfect for young dancers still learning coordination, rhythm, and focus. This is a fun physical education class where we practice the fundamentals of Irish Dance moves, balance, and rhythm through games like hop scotch, skipping, hand clapping, foot stomping, tracing shapes with our feet, and walking on the balls of our feet. Email or call Colleen for details/registration information: or 907.306.9199. Starts Friday 1 Dec.
  • NEW BEGINNER CLASS (ages 8-adult): 1-hour beginner class ~ Fridays, 5:30-6:30pm. $15 per class. plus a one-time $25 registration fee, which covers dance socks and a class t-shirt. In this class, we teach Irish Dance rhythm and steps for a reel and a jig, as we enjoy an aerobic workout that includes toning, flexibility, and strength training. Email or call Colleen for details/registration information: or 907.306.9199. Starts Friday 1 Dec.
  • The Thursday beginner class (ages 7-19) is FULL. The final class for Session 1 is 16 Nov 2017. Session 2 begins Thursday, 7 Dec 2017. Same time (Thursdays, 4-5pm), same place. See the details on our Mat-Su Central site:
  • Extra classes: There are 2 additional classes available:
  1. FOR TEENS and ADVANCED DANCERS: Friday at 12:00pm in the MatSu Central auditorium (2nd floor), 600 E Railroad Ave, Wasilla AK. The Friday class costs $10 per session for students enrolled in Thursday class, or $15 per session if it is the only weekly class the dancer attends.
  2. AGES 7-adult: SATURDAYS 12:30pm-2:30pm at the Yoga + Golf studio. The Saturday class costs $15 for the first hour or $20 for both hours. Family discounts available. During the first hour we focus on basic moves and steps in soft shoe. During the second hour we focus on advanced moves and step in both soft shoe and hard shoe. Location is Yoga + Golf in the Creekside Plaze (where IHOP is) near The Alaska Club.
What is it?

Get your heart pumping and your toes tapping as you learn basic Irish Dance in this fun, weekly class. Build agility, stamina, rhythm, and confidence through this upbeat fitness program. Whether you call it Riverdance, or Lord of the Dance, this is noncompetitive Irish step dancing, where you’ll learn basic Irish moves and steps set to modern and traditional tunes. We are a noncompetitive school, learning for fun, fitness, and performance.

  • Beginner Irish Dance Lessons located at MatSu Central School auditorium (non MatSu Central students welcome) and at the Yoga + Golf studio in the Wasilla Creekside Plaze (the IHOP plaza)
  • Beginner Classes, advanced beginner, and/or Private Lessons available
  • For Boys and Girls
  • Ages 7-adult
  • Weekly classes last 60 mins
  • $60/Month + $25 registration fee. We accept payment by cash, credit card via PayPal, or check ($35 returned check fee applies)
  • Tuition prorated to $45 for 3-week months.
What do students wear?
  • Sport shorts & t-shirt or any non-baggy athletic clothing
  • Smooth-sole sport shoes like Sketchers or Ghillies (Irish soft shoes) or dancers may dance in socks.

** Students should bring water **

What do students learn?
  • A healthy workout routine (warm up, gentle stretching, form, calisthenics, cardio, cool-down)
  • Basic Irish Dance moves, rhythm, and timing, as well as agility and confidence.
  • Reels, Light Jig, Single Jig, Slip Jig, hard shoe rhythms

About Colleen

Colleen has been Irish Dancing for more than 15 years, including in competitions, Las Vegas performances, and as an instructor, with schools in Ohio, Florida, Nevada, and Alaska.

A retired Air Force Officer and chemical engineer, Colleen moved to Alaska in 2008 with her husband and son. She holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a B.S. in German from Penn State. She’s also a published author writing under the pen name CM McCoy.

Prior to learning Irish Dance, Colleen was a competitive gymnast and a 10-year gymnastics coach to kids ages 4-18.


When and where is class?

When: 7 Sept 2017 through 16 Nov 2017, on Thursdays from 4pm-5pm.

* Students should arrive no later than 3:55pm.

Location: Mat-Su Central School Auditorium (2nd Floor), 600 E Railroad Ave, Wasilla AK

Drop-off and Pick-up:

Dancers should be dropped off and/or escorted in to Mat-Su Central School, upstairs and right, to the Auditorium for class 5-10 minutes PRIOR to the start of class to allow time to take off winter clothes and/or change into Ghillies so that class may start on time.

May parents stay and observe the class?

Yes, if space permits, but an audience in a small room can be an epic distraction to many dancers. Therefore, I ask parents with loud cell phones or fidgety little ones to wait outside the room or to drop their dancers off and pick them up at the end of class.

Mat-Su Central locks their outer doors at 1630 (4:30pm) each day, and so parents will not be able to enter the school after that time, and will need to wait outside for dancers to exit. For safety, I will ALWAYS wait with students inside the school until their parents/driver arrive(s) to pick them up.

 What should I wear and bring to Irish Dance class?

  • Wear sport shorts & a t-shirt or any non-baggy athletic clothing, like leggings or jeggings (I need to see the dancer’s legs and feet!)
  • Smooth-sole sport shoes like Sketchers or Ghillies (Irish soft shoes) or dancers may dance in stocking feet (socks). Dancers who continue in the session 2 class will need Ghillies (Irish soft shoes) and hard shoes, which are NOT reimbursable educational expenses via MatSu Central. If you’re interested in purchasing Ghillies or hard shoes now, please let me know, and I’ll send you information.
  • WATER – Dancers should bring a water bottle to class.

Are private lessons available?

Yes! If I can schedule the auditorium or Yoga studio for a private lesson, I’m happy to do so. Private lessons cost $45 for 30 minutes, and dancers can split the cost if they’d like to share a private lesson. I can generate a receipt for each dancer, and if you get an allotment from MatSu Central or IDEA, the lesson cost is a reimbursable educational expense for your PE individual lesson plan.

Will there be a performance?

Yes! There will be a few opportunities for dancers to perform. In the fall, there will be a vendor fair at the Wasilla Catholic Church, where dancers may demonstrate their steps. Also, MatSu Central School has invited us to perform in their spring talent show. Students who wish to perform may do so, and may need a black leotard and tights for the performance. I will likely supply a loaned, shimmery wrap-around skirt. We’ll work out the details of our costume as spring approaches. Additionally, students who wish to perform in their school/church talent show may do so, and should inform me of any performance they wish execute, as I would love to attend!

What about Irish Dance shoes?

Beginners may dance in soft sole athletic shoes (like Sketchers) or in stocking feet. Beginners are not required to purchase Irish soft shoes (aka ghillies, pumps, reel shoes), but I do recommend them. Dancers who continue in the Session 2 class will need hard shoes if they wish to perform a hard shoe dance in the talent show. Otherwise, dancers may learn and practice the hard shoe rhythms in Session 2 (which begins in Dec) in smooth-soled athletic shoes (like sketchers) or even in socks.

Here’s a great place to find several brands of ghillies and hard shoes online. New, ghillies range in price from $45 to $85, and any of these models of soft shoe will do. You can also find used ghillies for sale on Ebay and in Facebook groups for less. I wear the Hullachan PRO soft shoe and the Rutherford flexi hard shoe, but all of the models listed on this webpage are wonderful.

Ghillies / Irish Soft Shoes

What do dancers wear for performances?

Boys wear a black button-down, collared shirt with black pants and black socks. I’ll provide a red tie and sparkly tie tack.

Girls wear a black long-sleeved leotard and black tights. I’ll provide a red satin skirt ($20 deposit required, which dancers will get back if/when they leave Irish Dance lessons and return their well-cared-for skirt) and a sparkly bun wrap. Dancers who demonstrate their reel and jig will received thier bejeweled headband ($5 and the dancer keeps this). Advanced dancers who can wear an adult small or medium may wear the red sequin dress ($20 deposit required) with black tights and the bejeweled headband. Dancers who demonstrate their reel, jig, and a hard shoe dance (hornpipe, treble reel, or treble jig) may wear the sparkly green, graduate dress with black tights and a gold tiara. Parents must purchase this dress through Colleen, who orders directly from the dress-maker in Pennsylvania.  The greed graduate dress + tiara will cost $80, and the dancers obviously get to keep the dress but may sell it back to Adventure Write when they outgrow it for a credit toward purchasing a larger dress.

What’s the registration fee for?

The one-time $25 registration fee covers one class t-shirt (Alaska Treble Makers) and one pair of Irish poodle socks for each dancer. Dancers who continue in the program will never have to pay a registration fee again. Additional t-shirts and socks are available for purchase through Colleen. You may also find/purchase additional Irish poodle socks online.

Irish Poodle Socks:


Class t-shirts (Alaska Treble Makers):


Release of LIABILITY

Colleen Oefelein cannot be held liable for dancer injury in class or on the premises. Adventure Write cannot be held liable for dancer injury in class or on the premises. All students must sign the liability release in their registration packet prior to attending a class or private lesson.


Registrations must be completed and payment for the month must be received by Colleen prior to the student attending class, except for the first class, which students may attend as a trial to see if they’d like to register.

Class sizes are limited, therefore we recommend prompt registration to avoid disappointment. A full one-month payment plus registration fee is required at the time of registration.


Adventure Write reserves the right to cancel any program that does not meet a specific enrollment. A full refund will be made if a program is cancelled by Adventure Write. Monthly tuition refunds will not be issued if a student or parent decides not to continue, UNLESS approved by Adventure Write for medical or emergency situations.

There are no refunds or prorated monthly fees for classes missed.


If a class is missed, a dancer may attend another class of the same level (or one level below) if such a class is available. Please e-mail in advance to inquire about/schedule a make-up class.


Adventure Write follows MatSu Central school closures (, both scheduled and due to weather, and we may cancel for inclement weather on days the school does not. If a class is canceled due to inclement weather or instructor injury/illness, we will email all registered students. In addition, there will be an announcement in RED at the top of our website:

If a class is cancelled due to inclement weather or instructor injury/illness, students may attend a make-up class per the policy stated above. If no make-up class is available, Adventure Write will issue a pro-rated refund in the form of a credit toward the next month’s tuition.