2016 Winner: THE SURPRISE COOKIE POTION by Hannah Lee


So there I was packing my backpack for my visit to see the beautiful princess Vivian. I heard the helicopter arrive in my front yard, so I grabbed my bags and headed to the helicopter waiting for me. The beautiful princess, Vivian, lived in a castle with her family. Princess Vivian had a puppy named Snowflake, because the puppy was white and fluffy as snow. I could not wait to pet the puppy, and Snowflake liked it so much that she licked me. The famous castle was located near the deep, blue sea and an evil queen had a castle near my friend’s famous castle. The evil queen, named Gizelle, lived in the castle with her minions who worked for her and were devoted to her. Gizelle was very jealous of the Princess Vivian, and I was very scared about this situation.

At the time I did not know that the evil queen made a potion and the potion made it impossible for someone to speak. This was the first part of the evil queen’s plan, and the second part was about Girl Scout cookies. Queen Gizelle put some potion drops on a chocolate chip cookie. The evil queen did not have a girl scout living in her castle, but she had fire-breathing minions, except for two of them, Bob and Tom. The queen gave these two minions girl scout costumes. The minions dressed up in the girl scout costumes and then the queen gave Bog and Tom the cookies. The queen then told these minions to take the cookies to the nearby castle and make sure that the princess would eat the cookies. The minions said, “Yes, your majesty.”

Bob the minion said to Tom the minion, “Okay, let’s go.”

On the way to the Princess Vivian’s castle, Tom said, “let’s hurry or the queen will get made at us!”

After walking for a while the minions met a scary turtle named Turtle. And Bob talked to the turtle, “Go away!”

“No,” said Turtle.

Turtle was strong adn brave because he had a shell to protect him. He said, “Do you know why I’m not going?? Because I want to protect the princess!”

Tom said, “Go away, because we have something special for the beautiful princess too.”

The turtle said, “Okay. See you later.”

After a while the Turtle said to himself, “Hmmmm! There was something suspicious about those two girl scouts.”

The minions went to the castle and asked to see the princess. They told the servant that they brought the princess a special gift.

I answered the door for the servant and said, “Wait a minute, and I will get the princess.” I called my friend, the princess, “Hey, Viv! Comer here! There are some weird looking girl scouts, who want to see you! They say they have a special gift for you.”

When the princess arrived, she said “Hello, girl scouts! I hear you have a special gift for me!”

The girl scouts replied, “Yes. Here are some cookies for you!”

The Turtle, who was outside, heard the minions say, “Yes, your majesty. They are wonderful cookies and you will love them, Please try this one.”

The princess said, “They look delightful! Thank you so much!”

The princess was just about to take a huge bite of the cookie, when Turtle bursts into the room and knocked the cookie out of her hand! I was shocked.

“Oh my goodness, Turtle! What are you doing?!” exclaimed the princess.

I said, “Oh my gosh! That cookie hit me right in the face.”

The turtle explained, “Sorry, your majesty. I had to knock that cookie out of your hand because I think those girl scouts are really minions from the nearby castle. The evil queen at that castle is very jealous of you and she wants to take your castle.”

Bob the minion screamed, “Run Tom! Let’s get out of here.”

Bob and Tom escaped from the castle and ran back to report to Gizelle, the evil queen.

Then Bob announced, “Your majesty, we are so sorry. That nasty turtle found out our secret plan. The turtle knocked the cookie with the potion out of the hands of the princess.”

Gizelle screamed, “You’re fired!”

After the minions were fired, they wanted to help the Princess Vivian. So Bob and Tom decided to go back and see the princess. On the way there, they ran into Turtle. I was there too because I wanted to know more about the evil queen.

Tom said, “We’re so glad to see you, Turtle. We want to help you now because the evil queen fired us. Let’s go and destroy the evil queen’s plan.”

“Great! Let’s go tell the princess first,” said the turtle.

I whispered to Turtle, “I don’t trust those minions!”

“Let’s give them a shot,” whispered Turtle.

“Fine,” I said.

When we all arrived at the castle, Turtle knocked on the door and the servant answered. He said, “Who do you want to see?”

Turtle and I said together, “We need to see the princess immediately to tell her some important information!”

The servant replied, “please come inside, and I will get the Princess.”

After the Princess arrived, she said “Hi, good friends! What are you doing with those sneaky minions?”

Tom the Minion said, “The evil queen Gizelle, fired us, and we want to help you now. We never liked her anyway, because she is so mean!”

The Princess said, “Come on. Let’s hop to it!”

Bob the Minion added, “We have to destroy the evil queen’s plan, but we need a plan to do that!!”

Tom said, “I know her weakness. It’s water!”

“Why didn’t you tell us that in the first place, Tom? But, first how are we gonna get inside Gizelle’s castle?” asked Bob.

Turtle said, “We can dress up like garbage cans, and don’t forget to bring a bucket of water and some water balloons. Don’t lollygag! We will meet you tomorrow afternoon at 5:00.”

I added, “That’s the greatest idea ever, Turtle!”

We first were able to get everything we needed and then we all dressed up like garbage cans. Then we all went into Gizelle’s castle. All the minions were inside the castle and were blocking the way, so Turtle, Bob, Tom, and I could not find Gizelle. Turtle came up with a plan and he suggested that we split up. Turtle said, “Before we get started we each need to fill at least four or five water balloons with water. When we find Gizelle, we need to bombard her with these balloons. Tom and Bob, you go to the left and look for Gizelle, and we will go to the right. ”

Before the left, Bob said, “I have a Walky Talky for you, so we can talk to each other.”

Turtle said, “Okay, see you later.” When they left, they tried to look for Gizelle. Tom and Bob searched in the feast room, where all of the minions eat. And Turtle and I looked in the hallways.

When they left, Turtle announced in the Walky Talky, “We found Gizelle. She’s in the hallway.”

Bob and Tom whispered “Yippee! Yeah!” Bob then said on the Walky Talky, “Get out your water balloons and let’s attack. Ready, set, go!”

Bob was the first to throw the water balloon and it hit Gizelle. Then Tom’s balloon bounced off Gizelle, as Turtle and I arrived. Turtle threw two water balloons at the same time and they both hit her. I landed one on her shoulder. She started to melt a little. Tom threw the next balloon and hit Gizelle right on her back. That did it! She slowly started to melt, and she became a puddle of black ink with clothing around the puddle.

All at once, Turtle, Bob, Tom, and I started screaming, “We did it! Gizelle is defeated!” All of a sudden the minions and Princess Vivian appeared and they all joined the celebration!

The End