2016 Honorable Mention: RAINA THE RAIN DROP by Joanna Kim

There I was, in the non-salty water of the lake. The lake was surrounded by the towering mountains with tall, green trees. I am Rains, the rain drop. I have a sister, a brother, a father, a mother, and a pet clown fish. Before I went to sleep, I said to my family, “Good Night!” The next day, it was boiling! I went up to the surface. I, Raina, am very desperate for adventures. As soon as I reached the surface, I started to go up and up! It took a long time until I noticed I was evaporating!

I went up into a mean cloud. I knew he was a mean cloud because he was gray and grumpy. I asked if I could go to the Amazon River, or the Nile, in Egypt. He said no to all of my choices. I cried and fought to go home. But, I, Raina, am not very strong. He started to get so heavy he rained all the rain drops.

I landed in the salty ocean. I took a big gulp of water. It was so salty I spit it out! Then, a huge wave took me up and slammed me on the ground. It was so painful! The wave took me back into the water and I escaped the wave. While I was swimming, I saw lots of colorful fish. It got late and I managed to sleep. It was very hot in the morning. I went up to the surface to cool off this time. I, Raina, went up and up again! I ducked my head in shame. I would be facing that mean cloud! I also did not eat breakfast. By the time I was in the clouds I cried salty tears. I was a good rain drop, except when I stepped on my friend’s foot. I never did anything bad.

It took a while to notice I was on a foreign cloud. Suddenly, down below I saw pyramids! It was the sign of Egypt! I SCREAMED like crazy because my wish came true! Then, I opened my mouth to shout, “This is amazing!” I landed on the Sphinx. As I rapidly slid down, and fell SPLOOSH! I was in the NILE. I swam around and around, but all I saw was sand. I was so tired I literally fell asleep. I woke up with a sudden scream! I, Raina the shocked raindrop, screamed because there was an eel staring at me with his evil looking eyes. The eel told me, “There is danger in every corner.” Then, he quickly swam away. I was terrified! I shook with fear. At least I stopped shaking. One second later…There was a giant ship going to war! I had to quickly dodge it! It touched me by a hear. “I am so tired,” I said. I don’t remember what happened next, but it felt like a ROLLER COASTER. It felt like I was in a rushing waterfall.

Many days later, finally I reached the pipes of San Francisco. I let out a shrieking scream when landed out of a tap, and into a girl’s muddy hand. I had dirt stuck to me. I groaned heavily. I landed in a sewer. It was very stinky. Then, I thought that the girl who washed her hands had made a stinky mud cake. I was exhausted. Soon, I fell into a deep sleep. I dreamed that my family would hug me tight and say, “It’s all right.” I wished in my dream as hard as I could to be back in my sweet home. Nothing happened. I sobbed uncontrollable. I’m pretty sure I was going to be an ugly sewer drop. Just when I thought about the idea, the clouds took me up the sewer opening. I slid apart and back because I aimed at the wrong hole.

At last I was back in a cold fuzzy cloud! I’m pretty sure it was one I knew. I’m pretty sure because it was cloudy white! I tried to get some attention, but she did not hear me. I didn’t care. I just relaxed by lying down. I decided to just rain on Earth. And, maybe I’ll land in some lovely park lake! So, anyway I heroically jumped and screamed out “GERONIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I the great, heroic raindrop was unstoppable!

I then saw a lot of trees, a big river, and a bunch of animals! Can you guess where I was? If you cannot guess it, I had landed in the GREAT AMAZON! I suddenly fell into sleep. When I woke up, I was on the ground. I gasped for air.

Lucky for me I got sucked into a tree where it is moisturized. I felt much better. Whoosh! All of a sudden, I got swept into a branch and into a green leaf. It was pretty much healthy. A moment later, I noticed that there was no opening. I got moved by a current all around the plant. As I got whirled, I tried to make an opening myself. It didn’t work. Each second I was getting smaller. RRIIIIIPPPPPPPPPP! Luckily, a caterpillar had shewed a piece off. I rushed to get out of the plant. One more second and I would’ve died. But, I still got unlucky. On my way out, the caterpillar shifted a bit. I LANDED ON ITS MOUTH!!!!!! I traveled into a tube and I think it is called esophagus. Anyway, at the end of my trip, I was almost out until I landed out with a giant BURP! I think that leaf was pretty juicy. Then, all of a sudden I decided to hop to the lake.

On the way, I saw an explorer trying to find a way to cross the rushing river. I also saw some fish. It was a breathtaking sight. I started to relax. Everything was so calm until I got to the water.

A huge eagle came flying in. I watched it carefully. It was catching a fish! When the fish went up in the air it took some water drops and me! I grabbed onto the bird and tight (which is not easy when someone is grabbing you below)! I started slipping, but I did not fall. Cunningly, the eagle swooped and got us off the fish. Which in my case was not pleasant. Note to self: never get on a bird/fish.

Anyway, I fell into a lake. I just closed my eyes because I knew it wouldn’t be my home. I was wrong. I opened my eyes and saw that it was the same lake as my lake! I fell in. It was exactly the same as my home. I swam to my parents and gave them a hug. While I was hugging them, I said, “I love you,” and they said, “I love you too.” Then, my siblings came rushing in and hugged me with tears. After we all hugged and kissed, we had a welcome party. We feasted on delightful fruits and purified drinks. We invited our friends. Their mouths gaped wide open. Something told me they thought I was dead. Well, I just told them my adventure. So, everyone came to know the truth, and we all had a happily ever after.

The End